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We are a not-for-profit organisation and seek only to recover the costs of the services offered.  We mainly provide Comprehensive Family History Reports.  Each and every report compiled by our research department is individually researched and can only be costed after an initial Assessment, cost 150.00.  The assessment fee covers the time involved in locating information on your ancestors in the available Co. Leitrim sources and no details are provided at this stage, until the quoted final fee is received.

On receipt of an Application Form(Research Questionnaire) and initial assessment fee, we will carry out a search of all the relevant records. We will then send you a report on our progress outlining the research we have carried out on your behalf and indicating the sources your ancestors are recorded in. At this stage we will be in a position to quote you a final fee for a Comprehensive Family History Report. When our research proves successful a typical figure for total fees is 395.00.  To avail of our service it will be necessary to complete one of our Genealogical Research Forms (Questionnaire) with details of a known ancestor and we will work back on the paternal line only to the earliest recorded ancestor. Alternatively, you can include the details in an email to us.

In order to increase the probability of locating records of your ancestors, it greatly depends on the details that you provide to us as well as the availability of records.  Please note that positive results cannot be guaranteed and therefore we may be unable to proceed past the initial assessment stage.

Not all clients will require Comprehensive Family History Reports and may only require a Single Source Search or a Family Search.

We accept, as payment for goods or services, personal cheques or Debit/Credit Card, Visa, MasterCard or American Express.  We do not advise the sending of Debit/Credit Card details via e-mail.  Alternatively you can phone them to us using the number listed. 


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